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It’s sometimes nice to intersperse your listening of modern retro 80’s pop with the genuine article.
So today I am rediscovering the ABC album “Absolutely”. And what a gem it is too. I know I tend to bandy the “this is perfect pop” line around a bit too much (so much that I think that phrase is now meaningless hyperbole of you hear it from me) so I will refrain from going down that road today.

In other news, it’s already May 2010, virtually all of my friends are now parents and the Japanese spring is here. Most people seem to think that spring is a time to celebrate life, have picnics, hack seals to death etc etc but they obviously have never spent spring in Japan.

And finally today, this is being written on the Yotsubashi subway line on a best-selling touch screen mobile telephone. My first such post. When the train pulls into the next station (and I get cell coverage again) I will try posting.
Good bye.

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May 7th, 2010 at 9:48 am

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