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Busy as a bee

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Too busy to post anything recently- and my plan of bringing all the content from the old blog to this blog has sort of stopped dead in its tracks too.
What the hell am I doing every day?
Well, one thing I did was upgrade the grege site.It’s a lot less cluttered, easier to use and dare I say, nicer on the eye now. I decided to remove the original products that we sell- having everything all on one website wasn’t really helping anyone- in the parlance of the pros, were we B2C? B2B? Who knew?

So I decided to make grege primarily a “corporate” site, an information portal for our business customers. The interior objects, furniture, kitchen and tableware and so on will be displayed on a new site, to be announced soon.

We’re looking for distributors in outside of Japan, so if any of you in Europe, the US, Oceania or Asia know of anyone… let me know. For the time being though, you can still see the ep range (which has always had its own website) right here.

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January 22nd, 2009 at 3:56 pm

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