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What happened to Billy and Dave?

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Billy and Dave no longer exist. It seems. Look at the screen-grab below taken from a QuickTime newsletter from the year 2001

Ah… Billy and Dave

Ah… Billy and Dave

Sadly even the British Web Broadcasting site no longer exists. A visit to their URL transports you secretly to this site which is embarrassing titled “Advanced Payment Solutions for Digital Commerce”.


Maybe I have discovered a worm-hole and have traveled back in time to 1999. If that’s true, then I think I think I should buy shares in eBay, Amazon and Chinese ISPs. Oh, and that reminds me. If it is 1999, then how do I warn people about the impending terrorist armageddon without sounding like a loony? And how do I tell them that Y2K-end-of-the-world-doom doesn’t happen?

Actually the last 5 years (or should I now say, the next five years) were pretty big for me. A lot of stuff happened; good and bad, happy and sad. But if I were to live them again… what would I change?


It’s now 2009. I just came across this old blog post and clicked on the links above… lo and behold Billy and Dave are still there. Even after 5 years their comic genius is as fresh as ever. But this begs the question, what are they doing now?

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July 30th, 2004 at 9:38 pm

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